First Aid Accreditation Award

At Blue Fox we believe that working to highest standard which is why we introduced our Blue Fox Accreditation Award. The Award is presented to Childcare settings including childminders, Care establishments, Schools and the general workforce who are committed in ensuring First Aid for health and First Aid for Mental health is at the forefront of everyday life.

The award is presented to businesses that demonstrate a commitment to training at least 80 per cent of the workforce in both First Aid and First Aid for Mental Health.

Recognising Your Commitment – There is no additional cost for this award

The Blue Fox Accreditation Award is designed to be proudly displayed on your website, or in your workplace environment. This helps to demonstrate to clients, customers, parents, employees, and other web-visitors that  your business  is committed to First Aid Training whether in a physical or mental sense.

In order to be put forward for this award you and your business must meet the following criteria:

  • Undertake your First Aid Training with Blue Fox (or EYFS Resources)
  • Once you have completed your training, fill out the application form and send it to us via email or post. Please note that you will only be eligible for the First Aid Accreditation Award if at least 80% of your workforce are trained in first aid Blue Fox (or EYFS Resources) or in First Aid for Mental Health (Blue Fox or EYFS Resources)
  • If successful you will be contacted and we will send your digital Accreditation Award. For an additional charge you can purchase an Accreditation Plaque to display in your workplace.
  • You will also (subject to consent and GDPR) be shared across social media as obtaining this award – a media shout out and free advertising!